VC-1 History

Fleet Composite Squadron One

(VC-1 Blue Alii)



VC-1's tenure gave the air station modern service capabilities in support of the fleet. Before its decommissioning in 1992, VC-1 supported defense exercises, conducted joint operations with Hawaii Air National Guard, supplied aerial photography to the fleet, conducted air intercepts and towed aerial targets for ship/air gunnery.

 The A-4B Skyhawk was the workhorse attack jet for the U.S. Navy from the late 1950's through the early 1970's. It was used extensively as a light attack jet/bomber during Vietnam era. The Blue Angels used the A-4's in their demonstration team for over 10 years.

VC-1 EA-4F Skyhawk

BuNo 153661

VC-1 A-4B Skyhawk

A fighter manufactured by Douglas.  It had a range of 1160 miles and a maximum speed of 673 miles per hour.  It was able to climb 5750 feet per minuteBuNo 142819

It was originally designed in the mid-1950's by McDonald-Douglas engineer. The aircraft was designed as a simple weapons aircraft. it was easy to produce and maintain having only three sections, two fuselages and one piece wing. It had only one hydraulic system with a cable back-up system.










Flecompron Photo courtesy of Jim Murta (Photomate)

(USN/Fleet Air Photo Lab photograph)

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 This photo was for an outgoing change of command for Gerald Coffey.

He was one of the POW's at the Hanoi Hilton 66-72